How Much Is A Home Run Ball Worth?

Who holds the record for most home runs in a season?

Single-Season Leaders & Records for Home RunsPlayer (age that year)Home RunsBatsBarry Bonds (36)73LMark McGwire (34)70RSammy Sosa (29)66RMark McGwire (35)65R86 more rows.

When did McGwire hit 62?

Sept. 8, 1998Mark McGwire hits his 62nd home run of the season on Sept. 8, 1998, to break Roger Maris’ single-season record.

What is the rarest baseball card ever?

Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold1909 T206 Honus Wagner. Price: $3.12 million. … 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. Price: $2.88 million. … 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle. Price: $750,000. … 1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth. Price: $717,000. … 1963 Topps Pete Rose. Price: $717,000. … 1909 T206 Eddie Plank. … 1909 American Caramel E90-1 Joe Jackson. … 1909 T206 Sherry Magee (Error)More items…•

What is the most expensive thing in the world?

Let’s see what they are:Yacht History Supreme, 4.5 billion USD.Antilia, 1 billion USD. … 1963 Ferrari GTO, 52 million USD. … ‘The Card Players’ (painting), 260 million USD. … The ‘Perfect Pink’, 23 million USD. … Parking spot Manhattan, 1 million USD. … Feather of Huia Bird, 10,000 USD. … Diamond Panther Bracelet, 12.4 million USD. … More items…

How much is a Michael Jordan rookie baseball card worth?

Estimated Base PSA 10 Value: $95 Arguably Jordan’s most recognizable rookie baseball card, the 1994 Upper Deck #19 shows him chasing down a fly ball in his White Sox uniform.

How much is Barry Bonds 73rd home run ball worth?

NEW YORK (Court TV) — Two baseball seasons, one fierce legal battle and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees after Barry Bonds’ record-setting 73rd home run in 2001, the baseball has finally landed in the hands of a single undisputed owner: Comic book creator and producer Todd McFarlane, who paid $450,000 in …

What is the most expensive card in the world?

Honus Wagner1. Honus Wagner 1909-1911 ATC T206 ($3,120,000) This card is the holy grail of all trading cards of any and every kind.

What is the fan interference rule in baseball?

Rule 3.16 Situation A – If a batter hits a foul fly ball along the first base or third base fence, and as the fielder prepares to catch the ball, a spectator reaches over the fence and touches the ball, this would be considered spectator interference.

What is the most expensive baseball ever sold?

Monetary value Game used items such as the ball which Mark McGwire hit for his 70th home run of the 1998 season sold for $3 million. The most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold, a New York Yankees baseball jersey worn by Babe Ruth during the 1920 season, sold for $4,415,658 in 2012.

What’s the most expensive autograph?

The most valuable set of autographs in the world, signed Beatles letters, photos and albums fetch an average of $41,1000 (£28k). The White Album commands the highest prices – this signed copy, which was sold at auction in 2013, fetched a whopping $167,000 (£114k).

How much is a World Series home run ball worth?

But non-milestone home run balls that happen to be hit during the World Series are not in that league. Even a certified ball with Joe Dimaggio’s autograph from the 1941 World Series is listed for only around $3,000 on eBay, and a less famous signed World Series ball, from 1999, is priced at $79.99.

How much did Mark McGwire 62 ball sell for?

But you knew all that. What’s interesting now is the fate of the milestone baseballs — McGwire’s 70th and Maris’ 61st — and the young men who recovered them. McGwire’s reticence wound up being a windfall for Ozersky, who sold the ball for $3.05 million.

How do you authenticate a home run ball?

Home run balls can’t usually be authenticated, as an official authenticator — sitting in an on-field camera well near the home-team dugout — can’t physically eyewitness the catch and the struggle to retain the ball that often follows.

What is the most expensive baseball in the world?

Comic-book creator and music producer Todd McFarlane bought the record-breaking 70th-home-run baseball for $3 million and added it to his collection of nine other Sosa and McGwire baseballs from the 1998 season. In 2003, McFarlane also purchased Barry Bonds’ 73rd-home-run baseball, for which he paid $450,000.

Can you throw a home run ball back?

I talked to fans in Texas who said that throwing an opponent’s home run back is a way to support your team. But that makes no sense. It’s not like the umpires take the run off the scoreboard if you throw the ball back. The only thing you’re doing is cheating yourself of a precious souvenir.

Can a baseball player catch a ball in the stands?

A player can go into the stands and catch a ball. … In Major League Baseball, a player must have at least one foot in the field of play to make a catch. In recreational leagues, either the player must have both feet in the field of play, or the ball is dead once it leaves the field of play.

How much would a ball signed by Babe Ruth be worth?

The price paid for the ball falls short of the record for a Ruth signed ball. In 2012, a ball with a pristine Ruth signature sold for $388,375. Two letters written by Ruth to Sylvester sold for $76,747 and $71,553 in the auction.

Are home runs up in 2020?

Here, we see that only 56 percent of barrels are home runs in 2020, down seven percentage points from last season and down three percentage points from 2018 as well.

What happens when you catch a homerun ball?

What happens after someone catches the ball of a major home run record at a baseball game? … In the case of a major home run record the fan will be likely be brought inside to possibly meet the player. It’s likely that the fan will keep the ball and try to sell it. It can be worth thousands of dollars.