Question: How Much Is Lacazette Worth?

How much did Arsenal pay for Ozil?

18.2 million GBP (2020)Mesut Özil/Salary.

How much did Arsenal pay for David Luiz?

Arsenal. On 8 August 2019, Arsenal signed David Luiz from Chelsea for a reported £8 million transfer fee. He received the number 23 shirt for the club.

How old is Willian of Chelsea?

32 years (August 9, 1988)Willian/Age

How much did Arsenal pay for Lacazette?

4.2 million EUR (2016)Alexandre Lacazette/Salary

How much is aubameyang worth?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang net worth: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a French professional soccer player who has a net worth of $30 million. He is best known for being the captain of Arsenal and the Gabon national team.

How much did Arsenal pay Aubameyang?

On 31 January 2018, Aubameyang signed for Premier League club, Arsenal, for a then-club-record fee, reported to be £56 million.

Is lacazette still in Arsenal?

Lacazette is contracted at the Premier League club until 2022 after joining from Lyon 2017, but there has been speculation over the forward’s future. The Frenchman scored his 50th goal for Arsenal during Saturday’s 2-1 win over West Ham at Emirates Stadium.

How much did lacazette cost?

Lacazette was given the number 9 jersey. On 5 July 2017, Lacazette signed a reported five-year deal for Premier League club Arsenal for a club record fee; Lyon disclosed that the fee was an initial €53 million (£46.5 million) plus up to €7 million (£6.1 million) in potential bonuses.

Where is lacazette now?

Arsenal F.C.#9 / ForwardAlexandre Lacazette/Current teams

Where is lacazette from?

Lyon, FranceAlexandre Lacazette/Place of birth

How many goals has Alexandre Lacazette scored this season?

3 goalsHow many goals has Alexandre Lacazette scored this season? In the current season Alexandre Lacazette scored 3 goals. In the club he scored 3 goals ( Capital One, Premier League, Europa League ). Alexandre Lacazette this seasons has also noted 0 assists, played 1118 minutes, with 6 times he played game in first line.

Does lacazette have a wife?

Lacazette has not confirmed his marital status, but he is thought to be unmarried. The Frenchman has reportedly been in a relationship with Manon Mogavero for the last five years. According to The Sun, Mogavero works as a beauty therapist and moved to London with Lacazette when he joined the Gunners three years ago.

How old is Aubameyang?

31 years (June 18, 1989)Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang/Age

How old is lacazette?

29 years (May 28, 1991)Alexandre Lacazette/Age