Question: Is Peat Better Than Coal?

How is peat different from coal?

Peat is not actually coal, but rather the precursor to coal.

Peat is a soft organic material consisting of partly decayed plant and, in some cases, deposited mineral matter.

When peat is placed under high pressure and heat, it becomes coal..

Why is peat not used as a fuel?

Since peat becomes coal over time, it is classified as a fossil product. Although peat is not used widely to generate electricity as it has a low carbon content, less than 60%, it is still used for domestic heating in some places around the world.

Why is burning peat bad?

Peat is the most damaging fuel in terms of global warming; even worse than coal. It has a lower calorific value than coal (generating less energy per tonne when it is burned) and yet it produces higher CO2 emissions per unit, so it is the least climate-efficient way to produce electricity or heat in Ireland bar none.

Do the Irish still burn peat?

According to the 2016 census, more than 75,000 households in the Republic of Ireland continue to burn peat this way.

What process caused the peat to become coal?

Under the right conditions, peat transforms into coal through a process called carbonization. Carbonization takes place under incredible heat and pressure. About 3 meters (10 feet) of layered vegetation eventually compresses into a third of a meter (1 foot) of coal!

Why should you not use peat?

The peat that is used to produce the garden compost is mainly derived from peat bogs. … The intensive mining of peat has adverse effects on the climate, and destroys valuable ecosystems. Many rare and endangered species live in and around peat bogs and these are having their way of life threatened.

Why is peat so important?

Peat is hugely important to our planet for lots of reasons. It acts as a carbon store, it is a great habitat for wildlife, it has a role in water management, and preserves things well for archaeology. … as a carbon store – peat holds more carbon than the combined forests of Britain, France and Germany.

Can you still buy peat?

Peat is still readily available in garden centres.

Is it OK to burn peat?

As long as a peat bed is kept sufficiently wet, vegetable matter will accumulate and new peat will continue to form. … Peat burns pretty much the same as wood or coal and the general principles are the same: Start with a hot blaze of kindling and small pieces of wood, and place the dried fuel on top.

How much peat is left in Ireland?

Peatland covers 16.2 per cent i.e. 134 million hectares of Ireland. Within the Republic peatlands cover 17.2 per cent of the land surface. Development of these peatlands has given rise to a major industry producing about 4 million tonnes of peat fuels per annum.

Why does peat burn so well?

Peat has a high carbon content and can burn under low moisture conditions. … Despite the damage that the burning of raw peat can cause, bogs are naturally subject to wildfires and depend on the wildfires to keep woody competition from lowering the water table and shading out many bog plants.

What are the 4 types of coal?

Coal is classified into four main types, or ranks: anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite.

Why is using peat bad for the environment?

The carbon in peat, when spread on a field or garden, quickly turns into carbon dioxide, adding to greenhouse gas levels. 3. The unique biodiversity of peat bogs is lost. Rare birds, butterflies, dragonflies and plants disappear.

How long does it take for peat to turn into coal?

about 12,000-60,000 yearsAt that rate, it would take about 12,000-60,000 years to accumulate enough peat to form a three-metre coal seam. The transformation from peat to coal takes even longer. It generally starts with burial of the peat by other sediments as a result of a volcanic eruption, migration of a river or a change in sea level.

Are there peat bogs in the US?

When most of us think of bog bodies, we think of northwestern Europe—Ireland, say, or Denmark. But North America has its peat bogs, too, and some of them contain the remarkably well-preserved remains of ancient people. One site in particular stands out as America’s premier bog-body site: Windover.

Why should we stop using peat?

Removing it from composts and grow-bags would cut those emissions at a stroke and would be the same as taking about 350,000 cars off the road. It would also help end the destruction of our precious peat bogs and the loss of birds, plants and insects that rely on them.” *Peat is not necessary to grow most plants.

What is peat coal used for?

Peat is used for domestic heating purposes as an alternative to firewood and forms a fuel suitable for boiler firing in either briquetted or pulverized form. Peat is also used for household cooking in some places and has been used to produce small amounts of electricity.

Does peat hold water?

Even though peat moss can hold water well up to 10 times of its weight and is a great supplement to the soil. But when it becomes completely dry, it takes a long time to get the moisture.