Quick Answer: Is Quick Thinking A Personality Trait?

Why is quick thinking important?

People will think you are smarter.

When people are asked to think fast, they are happier, more creative, energetic, and self-confident.

Faster thinking also ties into planning, problem-solving, goal setting, and being able to focus.

Faster thinking will also keep your brain mentally sharp..

What are personality traits?

Personality traits reflect people’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Personality traits imply consistency and stability—someone who scores high on a specific trait like Extraversion is expected to be sociable in different situations and over time.

What do you call a fast person?

One who fasts can be called a faster or an abstinent .

What’s a word for thinking on your feet?

What is another word for think on one’s feet?extemporiseUKextemporizeUSrustle upthrow togetherbrainstormjury-riginventconcoctknock offwhip up26 more rows

What does it mean to think quick on your feet?

1. to have good ideas and make decisions quickly in a difficult situation. You have to think on your feet in this job.

How can I be a quick thinker?

Strengthening Your Quick Thinking AbilityRead a book on the subject. … Take an online learning course on the subject. … Consult an expert. … Attend a workshop or course on the subject. … Practice “speed thinking.” Whenever you’re mulling over a proposal or other situation in which you have to evaluate a lot of information, work to cut to the heart of a matter.More items…

What is another term for critical thinking?

What is another word for critical thinking?abstract thoughtconsiderationfree thinkingline of thoughtproblem solvingreasoningthinkingthought processtrain of thought

What does being on your toes mean?

If you say that someone or something keeps you on your toes, you mean that they cause you to remain alert and ready for anything that might happen.

What is the word for quick thinking?

Having or showing an ability to think or react quickly and effectively. agile. alert. bright. clear-headed.