Quick Answer: What Quarterback Has The Most Interceptions In The NFL?

Who has the most interceptions in the NFL 2019?

Here’s the process: We start with each player’s actual interception total.

Jameis Winston led the NFL in 2019 with 30 interceptions, only the 12th time in NFL/AFL history that a quarterback has thrown so many in a single season, and the first since Vinny Testaverde in 1988..

What QB has the most interceptions in a season?

George BlandaGeorge Blanda of the 1962 Houston Oilers of the American Football League has the professional football record with 42 interceptions, and he did it in a 14-game season.

Who led the NFL in interceptions?

Carson WentzNFL Player Stats – InterceptionsRankPlayerValue1Carson Wentz122Kirk Cousins113Russell Wilson103Drew Lock1037 more rows

Who has thrown the most interceptions in a game?

Jim HardyJim Hardy threw eight interceptions in a single game Jim Hardy and the Chicago Cardinals had a road game scheduled against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 24, 1950. Little did Jim Hardy know that this would be the game that he would go on to be most known for.

What QB has thrown the most pick sixes?

Matt Schaub threw 90 career picks among 3,281 career passes and Mark Brunell threw 108 INTs in 4,640 attempts.

Who has the highest QB rating of all time?

Aaron RodgersRegular seasonRankQuarterbackRating1* Aaron Rodgers103.12* Deshaun Watson102.23* Russell Wilson101.94* Drew Brees98.729 more rows

Who threw the most interceptions in 2020?

Jameis WinstonJameis Out of the Running Free Agent QB Jameis Winston led the NFL with 30 interceptions. The key here: which quarterback has the longest leash?

Has any quarterback never thrown an interception?

No. The most completed passes without an interception was the GOAT himself. … As a rookie Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott completed 175 passes without throwing an interception in 2016 breaking Tom Brady’s record of 162 completions.

Which QB has most fumbles?

Brett FavreMost Career Fumbles Brett Favre holds the record.

Who leads the NFL in interceptions 2020?

NFL Stat Leaders 2020InterceptionsINT1 J.C. JacksonNE62 Xavien HowardMIA53 Kendall FullerWSH43 Carlton DavisTB42 more rows

What NFL quarterback has the least interceptions?

But whatever the impact, the fact remains that Rodgers is the best quarterback in NFL history at avoiding interceptions.

Who has the least interceptions in the NFL?

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers sets mark for fewest interceptions at time of 200th TD pass. GREEN BAY, Wis. — You know Aaron Rodgers doesn’t throw interceptions, at least not at the rate of most other quarterbacks.

Who has the most interceptions in one season?

Night Train LaneThe record for most interceptions in a single season is held by Night Train Lane, who logged 14 interceptions as a rookie in 1952, while playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Who leads the NFL in pick sixes?

The list of the quarterbacks with the most pick-sixes in NFL history is a list of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers: Brett Favre is first with 31, Dan Marino and Joe Namath are tied for second with 28, and Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are tied for fourth with 27.