Quick Answer: Who Is The Fastest Kicker In Madden 20?

Who is the best QB in Madden 20?

Patrick MahomesPatrick Mahomes | 97 OVR It’s no surprise that the Madden NFL 20 cover athlete is the highest-rated quarterback in the game.

Patrick Mahomes took the league by storm last season and won the NFL MVP thanks to his incredible display of athleticism, leadership, and unimaginable production..

Who has the highest hit power in Madden 20?

Keanu NealKeanu Neal, Atlanta Falcons (88 OVR) As you would expect, hit power (96) is the highest for the position.

Who is the fastest halfback in Madden 20?

Tony Pollard – Dallas Cowboys – 93 Speed (69 OVR) Saquon Barkley – New York Giants – 92 Speed (91 OVR) Trenton Cannon – New York Jets – 92 Speed (69 OVR) Tarik Cohen – Chicago Bears – 92 Speed (85 OVR)

Who is the fastest player in Madden 20?

Tyreek HillOf course Tyreek Hill is #1. The Chiefs WR retains his maximum 99 speed and 99 acceleration from Madden 20. He also comes with 98 agilty, 92 catching, and 96 deep route to be the ultimate weapon at wide receiver.

Who is the fastest kick returner in Madden 20?

Jakeem GrantJakeem Grant, WR, Miami Dolphins (75 OVR) In 2018 he scored both a kick and punt return while also bringing in 21 catches for 268 yards and two scores. In Madden 20 grant has electric speed (96) and acceleration (95) as well as strong jumping (88) and a juke move (87).

Who is the best kicker in Madden 20?

Tucker’sTucker’s Madden 20 rating is starting at 87, which makes him the highest-rated kicker in the game. Behind him, Robbie Gould and Aldrick Rosas fall at 85 and 84, respectively. Tucker’s kick power and kick accuracy stats are close to perfect – both 98.

Who is the fastest free safety in Madden 20?

Lamarcus Joyner, Oakland Raiders (85 OVR)PlayerTeamPOWEric WeddleLAR79Marcus WilliamsNO79Malik HookerNYG79Ricardo AllenATL828 more rows•Aug 10, 2019

Who has 99 speed Madden?

Tyreek HillAccording to the player stats released by EA, the player with the highest speed rating is Tyreek Hill with 99, the wide receiver from Kansas City Chiefs. The second-fastest player in Madden 21 is Henry Ruggs III, the wide receiver from Oakland Raiders has a speed rating of 98.

Who is the best FB in Madden 20?

Running back (HB/FB) Todd Gurley overhauls Le’Veon Bell at the list’s peak, with the top ten also incorporating Kareem Hunt (Cleveland, 90), Alvin Kamara (New Orleans, 90), Devonta Freeman (Atlanta, 89), and Joe Mixon (Cincinnati, 88). Looking for the best full-back? Take a bow, Kyle Juszczyk (San Francisco, 85).