Why Is Coke Considered A Better Fuel Than Coal?

What are the characteristics of coal?

Coal is a black, inhomogeneous, organic fuel, formed largely from partially decomposed and metamorphosed plant materials.

Formation has occurred over long time periods, often under high pressures of overburden and at elevated temperatures..

What are 4 types of coal?

Coal is classified into four main types, or ranks: anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite. The ranking depends on the types and amounts of carbon the coal contains and on the amount of heat energy the coal can produce.

What is LPG What are its advantages over other conventional fuels?

Advantages of LPG Over Other Energy Sources It has a higher heating value, allowing you to heat your home at a lower price. LPG doesn’t contain sulphur, so it burns a lot cleaner than energy resources like oil. Liquid Petroleum Gas burns consistently, making it more reliable than other forms of energy.

What is the difference between coke and coal?

Charcoal is a fuel that comes from the incomplete burning of wood. Coke is a fuel that is obtained from the calcination or dry distillation of mineral coal. … It is composed of carbon and has a high calorific value, but it is highly polluting.

Why Coke is not used as a fuel?

The term means a product similar to coal and mined the same way. Coal is cheaper and that is why it is used more often. … Coke is cleaner and other methods should be looked into before coal and oil run out.

What is the hottest coal?

Anthracite coalAnthracite coal is the hottest burning fuel in comparison to the most common ones in use. Environmentally cleaner than other fossil fuels. Due to its low sulfur content, Anthracite coal produces virtually no smoke or particulate emissions.

Which is the best domestic fuel?

LPGIt conducts electricity and may result electric shock. (B) LPG has more calorific value than wood and LPG produces no pollution. So LPG is a better domestic fuel than wood.

Does Coke burn hotter than coal?

Coal is a shiny, black fossil fuel that contains impurities, emits smoke when burned, and produces less heat than coke. Coke is a dull, black byproduct of coal that burns hotter and cleaner. … However, blacksmiths still rely on coke as an efficient source of fuel for the forge.

Why is LPG preferred over coal for cooking?

LPG is considered as a better fuel than coal as it is more eco-friendly than coal. Burning of coal releases many toxic gases which affects our health. But on the other hand LPG does not have any such nuisance.

What is the major use of coal?

Coal is primarily used as fuel to generate electric power in the United States. The coal is burned and the heat given off is used to convert water into steam, which drives a turbine.

What are the characteristics of a good quality coal?

Characteristics of CoalAnthracite – contains between 86% and 98% carbon by weight and it burns in boilers slowly.Bituminous – contains between 69% & 86% carbon by weight.Sub-bituminous – contains less carbon, more water and is a less efficient source of heat for boilers.Lignite – contains up to 70% water by weight.

What type of fuel is Coke?

Coke is a grey, hard, and porous fuel with a high carbon content and few impurities, made by heating coal or oil in the absence of air—a destructive distillation process. It is an important industrial product, used mainly in iron ore smelting, but also as a fuel in stoves and forges when air pollution is a concern.

Is Coke a clean fuel?

Coke is used as a fuel and as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. The carbon monoxide produced by its combustion reduces iron oxide (hematite) to the iron product. Although coke is more expensive than coal, it can be used in households as a clean fuel, relatively free of smoke and impurities.

Why is LPG considered a better fuel than coal?

LPG is considered as a better fuel than coal because it has a higher calorific value, while burning it does not product any smoke.

Which is a better fuel?

Coal and coke both are as fuels. But, coke is considered to be a better fuel than coal because of the following reasons: (i) Coke has been higher calorific value than coal: So, coke produces more heat than coal on an equal mass basis.

Which is a better fuel coke or coal?

Coke is a better fuel because coke produces more heat on burning as compared to coal. Coke has higher calorific value than coal. … Also when coke is burnt, smoke is not obtained whereas coal produces smoke on coal.

Why LPG is used for cooking?

LPG is a highly efficient cooking fuel. It is economical and its excellent heating capacity helps you cook your food in less time, saving you a lot on fuel cost. It undergoes complete combustion, produces no residue and particulate matter, which means minimum maintenance cost and lesser carbon footprint.

What is meant by calorific value?

3.11 Calorific value. Calorific value is the amount of energy released or produced when 1 kg of fuel burns or any other substance is burnt in the presence of oxygen and the products of combustion are cooled to STP. Its SI unit is kJ/kg.